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Rich Piana Hair Transplant – Got His Hair Back Through Hair Transplant

Rich Piana's Hair 2017

Now we explore another niche and we find ourselves in the bodybuilding scene. Rich Piana is one of the most controversial celebrities in this niche, for reasons that we will find out later. The most important thing here is that we discuss his hair loss, and how he got back his crowning glory. So, was Rich Piana hair transplant involved?

Rich Piana is an American Youtuber and bodybuilder who has made a name for himself on the Internet. He is known for being the man who has taken steroids for 30 years in order to achieve a “mutant” physique. He admits to having been using steroids since he was 18 and has been cycling since then.

The result? A hulk of a man with a lot of fitness advice to offer through vlogs. He is also a professional bodybuilder who often competes in bodybuilding competitions. He has been doing just that since he was just 15 years old.

Rich Piana and Sara Piana
Rich Piana and Sara Piana

Although being criticized online for his choice to depend on steroids to bulk up, Rich Piana often promotes natural bodybuilding through his vlogs and shares his tips and tricks on workout and nutrition.

If you are a fan of his videos, you would notice the change in his hair apart from his body as well. As he was gaining muscle mass, Rich Piana was gradually losing his hair particularly in the hairline area. He handled it before by going bald so that the receding hairline was not so obvious, but maybe he didn’t like that hairstyle.

Has Rich Piana Had a Hair Transplant?

There are rumors that he had gotten a FUT or follicular unit transplantation, a hair transplant procedure that transfers hair from donor tissue to the balding area. Rumors went ablaze when a photo of him surfaced online with obvious hair transplant scars along the side of his head.

Rich Piana Before and After Hair Transplant

A few months later the alleged hair transplant, Rich Piana was making videos with a thicker head of hair. The receding hairline was certainly less obvious, and the V-shape on his forehead was more subtle than before.

Before, Rich Piana’s hair was very thin along the hairline. But that’s not the case today thanks to the hair transplant. We have reason to believe that he underwent the procedure since no one can regrow hair in that area once it’s lost to male pattern baldness.

Rich Piana Hair Transplant

It’s also quite expectant of Rich Piana to start losing his hair since he’s already 45 years old. and his steroid use may have an effect on hair growth and his testosterone production. Nevertheless, an Internet celebrity like him may also feel the pressure to keep up a youthful appearance in front of the camera.

The hair transplant succeeded in making Rich Piana’s hair look denser and thicker than before. It also made him look younger than he really was, at least by five years. Since he’s in a great shape (well, if you call a Hulk-ish physique great), you can tell that the hair transplant made him look the part of a bodybuilder.

Rich Piana hair transplant can be considered a successful case, even though we cannot say the same for his bodybuilding techniques.

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