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Rihanna Plastic Surgery – Nose Job & Boob Job (Breast Implants)

Rihanna Plastic Surgery
Superstars like Rihanna are always the subject of gossip. So today, we’re talking about Rihanna plastic surgery to shed some light on her beauty.

Rihanna was born as Robyn Rihanna Fenty. She is a Barbadian singer, songwriter, and actress who rose to fame with her debut studio album Music of the Sun. Many of her singles also made it to the Billboard Top 100, thus boosting her farther into the list of top artists in the music industry.

Singles that you may be familiar with include Pon de Replay, SOS, Umbrella, Take a Bow, Disturbia, Only Girl (In the World), and a lot more.

Due to her undeniable talent as both a singer and songwriter, she has won many awards in music including eight Grammies. Today, Rihanna is 29 years old and still in the height of her career.

Rihanna Nose Job

A nose job is done to reshape the structure of the nose. Upon comparing Rihanna’s before and after pictures, you will see a significant difference in the shape of her nose. Before she became a hit pop singer, her nose appeared to be more bulbous and wide.

Along the way of her climbing the charts with her hit singles, her nose became thinner and narrower, especially around the nose bridge.

Rihanna nose job

Today, her nose appears to be sharper and narrower than ever. Fortunately, the rhinoplasty benefited her in such a way that her face become more attractive. However, it is safe to say that her current nose doesn’t look natural if you consider her roots.

Rihanna Boob Job (Breast Implants)

Let’s admit it, a womanly figure is not complete with a great set of breasts. Usually, the standard with celebrities, especially for someone who’s in constant attention such as Rihanna, are round, perky breasts that are not too small but not too big either.

Rihanna breast implants before after

If you look at Rihanna’s earlier photos, you may notice that her breasts look smaller than her current ones. This change sparked rumors that she may have gotten breast implants to increase a cup size or so.

Moreover, her breasts look unusually rounder and perkier than before. It could be that she is wearing a great push-up bra, but we have seen her almost topless and she is definitely not wearing a bra in those instances.

Rihanna's breast bone tattoo
Rihanna’s breast bone tattoo

Skin Bleaching

In her younger years, Rihanna had skin that was a darker shade of brown with tones of honey and gold. However, we have noticed that her skin is getting lighter and lighter, losing that shade of honey brown that made her look like a Barbadian princess.

Rihanna then and now
Rihanna then and now (source)

The lighter appearance of her skin can be the result of lighting, a camera flash, or simply makeup. However, the difference is still too significant to be passed off as nothing. Skin bleaching for celebrities with darker skin is not uncommon. Celebrities like Beyonce and Nicki Minaj are also known to bleach their skin. The more severe cases are Michael Jackson and Lil Kim, who are almost completely white.

Butt Implants

Yes, you can get implants on almost every part of your body. Implants in the buttocks are common if you want to achieve the Kim Kardashian look (which we suspect as also a product of plastic surgery). Rihanna is well-known for her beautiful S-curve body with more of the volume on her behind.

Rihanna Butt Implants

Could it be that her butt is also a product of plastic surgery? Well, it’s not impossible for Rihanna to get her big behind from squats, but we’re still guessing. Many celebrities opt for plastic surgery instead of the good old fashioned work-out (we’re looking at you, Kim K), and there is a possibility that Rihanna could be one of them.

Rihanna hot photo 2017

Well, Rihanna doesn’t look all too different from her younger years. The biggest change was her nose in particular, but the nose job made her look more beautiful. The other plastic surgery rumors, if true, also worked out for her in the end.

Rihanna plastic surgery is a hot topic on gossip sites but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any natural beauty. In fact, she was very beautiful even before her superstardom. Today, her makeup and hairstyle is making all the difference in her look.

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  1. You are so wrong, lol !

  2. The thinner nose is down to contouring – I saw a pic of her today with no make up & it looked wider. She’s definitely not had implants, either. I’m not a huge Rihanna fan but she’s likeable & very beautiful, but naturally.

  3. She is natural. Delete this

  4. She’s put on some weight from her younger days, that’s why her breasts and butt looks bigger. She’s sti’ll gorgeous, and still rocking her natural curves.

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