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Robert Redford Plastic Surgery – Facelift, Cheek Implant & Eyelid Surgery

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery
Robert Redford is an actor, a director, a businessman, a producer and a philanthropist. He is one of the refined and sophisticated men in the entertainment world, debuting in 1959 on ‘The Untouchables’. He’s your mother’s, your grandmother’s, your great grandmother’s favorite character whenever he was on whatever soap opera he is on. Robert’s good looks ensured that his movies and TV shows will always be getting good ratings.

After acting, Robert Redford founded the popular Sun-Dance Film Festival and then started gaining interest in politics. It was in the late 70s where rumors of plastic surgery enhancements surfaced.

The man is already 80 years old and has retired from acting but it goes without saying the he still looks amazing for his age. Being a veteran in the industry, clinching awards here and there, his age caught up and wanted to reverse the effects of aging.

Robert Redford decided that plastic surgery is one of the most popular solutions, but of course, he hasn’t said that.

Facelift Rumors: Robert Redford

For someone his age, it’s only natural to have acquired wrinkles and saggy skin. He searches for a fountain of youth where he can always look his best and continue to look like his charming self similar to his previous years.

Robert Redford Facelift

But Robert Redford’s facelift made him look like his face was slightly pulled. Though there are still visible signs of aging on his face, if you compare his face to others with the same age as him, the Hollywood actor looks so much better.

Some people say that his face looks frozen than normal, but of course there could be side effects to plastic surgeries but just look at him with his age.

Robert Redford Cheek Implant Rumors

Another rumor surrounding Robert Redford’s plastic surgery is his cheek implant procedure. Good for Robert, though, because there’s no visible evidence of a cheek implant done on his face. It has always looked square at his cheek area. This rumor actually has no basis.

Robert Redford Eyelid Surgery Before and After Photos

“There is no doubt he’s had an eye-lift,” a doctor said after looking at recent photos of Robert Redford. “The upper lid has been reduced and much of the skin that was hooding the upper lid is gone. The lower lid has also been operated on.”

Robert Redford Eyelid Surgery

Take a look at the veteran actor’s before and after pictures – you will surely notice that he had an eyelid procedure. One common plastic surgery celebrity does is the eyelid surgery which helps in widening the eyes of the person – making it more open. Robert Redford’s eyes look younger, awake and refreshed.

Surgeons on Robert Redford’s Plastic Surgery

Results of the actor’s plastic surgery were very subtle that some speculate if he even had surgery or not. Lucky for him, his didn’t go too far and, in fact, have left him with results that are realistic and natural-looking at some point. Remember Michael Jackson’s cosmetic surgery fail and other celebrity facial deformities that went along with it?

Robert Redford’s Plastic Surgery – Win or Fail?

Robert Redford’s surgery was a basic one and a surgery that enhanced his looks. He got a surgery that still made him look like him and not one of those plastic surgeries that will make you look distorted, artificial and frozen.

Plastic surgery among men in Hollywood is totally normal these days.

Robert Redford 2017 photos
Robert Redford in 2017

Veteran Actor Robert Redford Denies Going under the Knife

Robert Redford denies all the rumors and hasn’t given any explanation to how he had gotten to look a few years younger than he should be. He did, however, claimed that he lived naturally and doesn’t wish to ever go under the knife.

On the other hand, a magazine source clearly stated that the actor spent more than $800,000 to do one of his plastic surgeries.

Maybe Robert Redford’s Botox injection was a right thing that he did because it gave him more confidence and has definitely boosted his self-esteem. Ladies all over the globe continues to swoon over him when they see him in light of the point that enormous part of his fame with the exemption of his astonishing acting was his tremendous appearance and manliness.

Do you think Robert Redford had a plastic surgery? Is he better-looking now than before?

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