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Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery – Facelift, Botox and Rhinoplasty

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery
The Robin Mcgraw plastic surgery issue is another hot topic in the show business industry. She is one of the women whose face is obviously a product of plastic surgery, thus, we will be talking about the rumors here.

Robin McGraw, 63, is an American singer, speaker, and actress. She is well-known as the wife of renowned author and television talk show host, Dr. Phil. Like her husband, Robin McGraw also made her name as an author, with bestselling novels (mostly on self-help and inspirational subjects) such as Inside My Heart: Guided Journey, From My Heart to Yours, and Robin McGraw’s Complete Makeover Guide.

Robin McGraw Denies Having Plastic Surgery

The author denied having plastic surgery despite all the rumors revolving this matter. Instead of plastic surgery, Robin McGraw claimed, she makes use of natural remedies to keep herself looking young instead of facelifts.

Robin McGraw then and now
Dr Phil with wife Robin McGraw then and now

However, this statement from the actress is not that easy to believe. If you will notice in her before and after pictures, Robin McGraw looks slightly different than her original look. Of course, it is not probable that these changes were caused by the maturing of her face over the years.

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Mistakes

Robin McGraw had passably good looks when she was younger. It can also be considered that she was aging gracefully up until she delved into excessive plastic surgery. Today, she doesn’t look anything like her former self, with too small eyes, a misshapen face, and generally messed up facial features.

So What Did Go Wrong with Dr Phil’s Wife’s Plastic Surgery?

Robin McGraw’s Facelift and Botox

For starters, Robin McGraw has obviously had a number of Botox injections and facelifts done. This can be seen in her waxy-looking face and relatively stiff facial features. It is questionable that Robin McGraw is in her sixties and still doesn’t have any wrinkles.

Robin McGraw Facelift

In her recent photos, you may notice that her face looks irregularly shaped and unnaturally plump compared to her photos before. This can only be attributed to a botched plastic surgery procedure that, unfortunately, left her looking misshapen.

Another thing to note are her lips. If you look closely, her lips look unnaturally shaped such that one side of the lip is bigger than the other. Probably, this is the cause of irresponsibly injected lip injections.

You can see why the resulting face of this famous personality is quite regrettable and sad. I mean, she looked better before (as is the case of other plastic surgery nightmares) her plastic surgery procedures, but something down the road went wrong and lead her looking into an unnatural version of herself. Our money is on the cheek and lip fillers.

Robin McGraw’s Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty refers to a nose job, wherein the structure or shape of the nose is modified to fit the person’s preferences. In the past, Robin McGraw has a uniquely shaped nose wherein the tip is blunt and the nose bridge is quite wide. In our opinion, it looks beautiful and fit her face perfectly, but she somehow wasn’t satisfied.

Robin McGraw plastic surgery nose job before and after
Robin McGraw plastic surgery nose job before and after

Robin McGraw obviously had some kind of surgery done on her nose, as it appears to be thinner and higher than her old nose. It’s not as bad as her other plastic surgery procedures, thankfully, but we wish she stuck to her old nose instead.

Robin McGraw’s Breast Implants

Robin McGraw breast implants

Breast augmentation is popular for women who are unsatisfied with their breasts. There are a lot of things you can change about them, including the shape, size, and height relative to your torso. For this actress and author, her breast augmentation procedures are becoming more obvious as the time passes.

Many people believe that Robin McGraw has been getting breast implants to increase the size of her breasts. Not to mention that it also looks unnaturally round and firm for a woman her age. Fortunately, this procedure did not go wrong for her and even improved her figure.

All in all, we find Robin McGraw plastic surgery in between the points of botched and okay. Her plastic surgery procedures benefited her and made her look younger than she actually is. However, some of them caused her to look a bit unnatural.

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  1. You made a mistake with the nose job, by using a recent photo for the ‘before’ and an old photo for the ‘after’!!! It seems clear that Robyn has had plenty of surgery, but an obvious screw-up like that doesn’t exacly add strength to the argument.

  2. Please stop Robin. Your upper lip doesn’t move, and you’re looking very plastic. That is not attractive but freakish.

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