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Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery – Chin, Jaw and Lip Surgery Before After

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery
Even celebrities’ children are put under the pressure into looking ready for the cameras. In the case of Rumer Willis plastic surgery, the changes are both shocking and amazing.

Rumer Willis, 28 years old, is the eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. She is an American actress and singer, known for her victory in Season 20 of Dancing With The Stars as well as the Broadway play Chicago as the character Roxie Hart. In 2015, she had a recurring role in Fox’s Empire.

Her acting career started in 1995 with the movie Now and Then. Since then, she had roles in movies such as Hostage, The House Bunny, Sorority Row, Return to Sender, The Escort. Currently, she is filming with a movie entitled Hello Again.

Aside from her minor roles in movies, she has also had several TV appearances in shows such as Medium, 90210, Pretty Little Liars, and CSI: NY aside from her Dancing With The Stars appearance.

However, she is also infamous for her plastic surgery transformation because, unfortunately, the actress didn’t gain much on the good looks department.

Rumer Willis Chin Reduction

Rumer Willis used to have an awfully large chin paired with a wide-set jaw. However, being the daughter of two of the most successful actors in the industry, she could afford having her chin reduced to a more attractive size.

Rumer Willis Chin Reduction Surgery

If you compare her before and after pictures, there is no denying that Rumer Willis had something done to her jaw/chin. It looks noticeably smaller and thinner than before, which is an amazing change for her. In fact, the smaller jaw and chin led her to look more like her mother, Demi Moore.

This is one of the most beneficial plastic surgery procedures to the actress-dancer. The reduced chin looks definitely better than before.

Rumer Willis Jaw Reduction

Aside from getting a chin reduction, Rumer Willis is also known to have had a jaw reduction in order to have a more feminine look. According to the Dancing with the Stars grand champion, “if it’s going to make me feel better, I won’t be ashamed” in regard to plastic surgery.

Rumer Willis Jaw Reduction Surgery

True enough, the jaw reduction combined with the chin reduction successfully made her face look more attractive and normal-looking. You have to admit: she did look pretty abnormal with a super wide jaw and large chin.

Rumer Willis Lip Injections

Aside from getting the chin and jaw reductions to improve her look, Rumer Willis also gravitated to having lip injections. Fortunately, the lip injections turned out to be a good choice for Rumer Willis. Surgery made her lips look more feminine than before.

Rumer Willis Lip Injections Before and After

However, the lip injections became too much at one point. Rumer Willis began looking like a Kardashian with too plump lips that are essentially a duck-face look. Fortunately, these lip injections will wear down in some time. Let’s just hope that the talented dancer doesn’t go for another round.

Demi Moore’s Reaction to Daughter’s Plastic Surgery

Even though Demi Moore had also turned to plastic surgery to improve her face and body (with almost half a million dollars spent on plastic surgery), she doesn’t approve of her daughter’s plastic surgery endeavors. According to the famed actress, her daughters are all born beautiful and they don’t need to turn to plastic surgery.

Rumer Willis and Demi Moore

Oh well, it’s already over and done with and Rumer Willis looks happy with her new look.

Everyday people are Googling or searching about Rumer Willis plastic surgery. This is because not only is she the eldest daughter of two of the most iconic actors in Hollywood, but her transformation is also big controversy. Truly, the changes in her face are dramatic.

However, they are not thankfully changes for the worse. Instead, her plastic surgery procedures made her look more beautiful.

Not everyone can accept a plastic surgery-made star, and many people are calling her transformation “from ugly duckling to plastic swan”, basically bashing her plastic surgery history.

We think that the plastic surgery made her look better, and not all people are born with good looks.

So what’s so bad about that?

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