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Ryan Reynolds’ Hair Transplant – Did He Really Get It Done?

Ryan Reynolds hair transplant
Many wonder why so many young men are losing so much hair. We know losing hair is not the end of the world, but in Hollywood, so many guys are pressured when it comes to having the perfect-looking hair.

Ryan Reynolds hair transplant buzz seemed to emerge in a few years, especially now that he’s also getting older. The Canadian-born actor has already been on the lists of male actors with receding hairlines.

Ryan Reynolds' receding hair

We all know who Ryan Reynolds is. He’s a leading man whom we loved so much in “Definitely, Maybe”, “The Proposal” and the superhero in “Deadpool” and “Green Lantern”. He is Blake Lively’s husband and they have one offspring. He’s got the looks, the body and Ryan Reynolds seem like the perfect man. His hairstyle gave the ladies a Disney-esque feel.

Ryan Reynolds hair then and now

Nobody’s really sure if Ryan Reynolds even had a hair transplant. Or maybe it’s a wig? Everybody’s uncertain. But a lot has noticed that he has a slight receding hairline around his forehead, not too obvious but looks quite natural. Ryan Reynold’s hair transplant could only fill the bald spots maybe that’s why it’s not so noticeable?

His mature hairline looks solid with a v shape, and while others see signs of balding, a few other fans do not see it at all. There have been reports that he is also highly likely to be on medications that’s why his hair still has an overall thickness around the scalp.

Here are some of Ryan Reynold’s best hairstyles throughout the years –

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