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Salman Khan’s Hair Transplant – How Much Did it Cost?

Salman Khan Hair Transplant
Numerous celebrities around the globe went through a major surgery of hair transplant. One of those is Salman Khan — a popular Indian film actor, producer and television personality. Are you one of those who are not aware of Salman Khan hair transplant?

Well, there are millions of people who still have a speculation about his hair transplant. Because of his high profile and lifestyle, his surgery never came into picture.

Salman Khan Before and After Khan Hair Transplant

Salman Khan was voted the Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine. However, his career was threatened by severe hair loss. Salman Khan, renowned Bollywood celebrity hit the headlines for undergoing hair transplant surgery — which not only helped him overcome his baldness, but sustaining superstar personality.

Salman Khan before and after

The success of Salman Khan hair transplant has redefined his handsome looks further, making people wonder about origins of his surgery. He owes his brilliant makeover, bringing him back in the business.

Salman Khan’s Failed Hair Transplant in 2003

In 2002, Salman Khan started to show light recession and this is when the rumors of first hair transplant procedure started. His story behind hair transplant surgery came into picture after a failed attempt of hair restoration in India.

Due to botched hair transplant in 2003, he had to shave his head to cover up the less impressive results. This indicated his fans and media not of a hair transplant, but of a bald man trying to cover his hair loss.

Salman Khan 2005

A photograph was published in 2005 showing Salman with a hair transplant scar at the back of his head. This shows he had a Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) at some point.

First Successful Hair Transplant in 2007

Salman Khan, the macho man of Bollywood underwent hair transplant procedure again in 2007 in Dubai. His career was at peak during that period and he opted for FUE this time.

Salman Khan hairs

According to some sources, he underwent 4 surgeries in Dubai, in which 2 were done using FUE techniqueand 2 were strip surgeries. Salman went to Dubai (in between the period of 2007 to 2013)multiple times for several phases of hair transplant.

Salman Khan’s Nylon Hair Rumors

Several rumors went viral that some nylon hair is woven into his transplanted hair to make it look thicker. To avoid visual scarring, Salman rejected the idea of transplanting hair from his scalp. Synthetic fiber is woven into his scalp as he did not want natural hair.

Salman’s hair looked real and natural, as doctors achieved perfection this time. From his eye-catchy and stylish hair style looks, we can say — Salman Khan hair transplant was done brilliantly.

Salman Khan’s hair transplant at His Panvel Farmhouse

Salman has undergone hair transplant for the third time in 2016 at his Panvel farmhouse. He visited to his Farmhouse with his mother Salma and girlfriend Iulia Vantur. A team of doctors flew down from Dubai to perform hair transplant.

According to sources, hair transplantation needs a cool climate and that is the main reason why he went to Panvel Farmhouse. He has been advised to stay indoors in AC to avoid sweating, as it works against the treatment.

What Was the Cost of Salman Khan’s Hair Transplant?

Salman went through several phases of hair transplant by 2013. You will find a re-lowered hairline and full head of front hair, if you observe his recent photos carefully. It is reported that Salman spent nearly 1, 50,000 Indian Rupees (less than 2000 Euros) on his first hair transplant. His hair transplant cost almost doubled when he had to undergo a second procedure after a failed attempt in 2003.

While we are set to see a handsome Salman in the recent years, we are wondering why he needed hair transplant treatment again? Possibly, is Salman preparing for his marriage?

There are speculations that Salman will tie knot with his girlfriend Iulia Vantur by the end of this year. May be he wants to look at his best on his special day, just like any other groom.

Seeing his stylish hair looks in his recent movies, it is really hard to recognize that he has undergone any hair transplantation surgery. What do you say about Salman Khan’s hair transplant? Leave your comments below!

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