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Sandara Park Plastic Surgery – Eyelid Surgery, Nose job and Botox

Sandara Park plastic surgery
There are many Korean actors and actresses who are obsessed to go under the knife. Physical appearance is something that matter a lot, especially for female celebrities.

Sandara Park is the popular Korean actress who recently got a buzz of undergoing plastic surgery. South Korean industry has really adopted the cosmetic procedures as a basic rite of passage. Sandara Park plastic surgery is one of the latest stories that took the country (Korea) by storm.

Sandara Park's smile cute photos

Sandara Park, the 34 year old actress has immense following in South Korea. She has been reported to have undergone multiple cosmetic procedures such as – Eyelid surgery, Nose job and Botox. Here we will have a detailed look at what all procedures she opted for and their outcomes.

Sandara Park’s Eyelid Surgery

The first surgery that is reported to have taken place is the eyelid surgery, also known as Blepharoplasty.The Korean entertainment industry is pushing its stars to possess a look that is wide and vibrant. This could be one of the reasons why Sandara had opted for eyelid surgery.

Sandara Park eyelid surgery

Her eyes got a new identity with a full open look that was not there previously. It seems the work was done by a highly experienced surgeon.

Even though Sandara always had double eyelids, people argue that her eyelids are more pronounced than before. The same effect can be achieved by other methods such as – double eyelid tape and make up. Therefore, it is difficult to prove if Sandara underwent eyelid surgery.

Sandara Park’s Nose Job

The second possible surgery that has been suspected was a Nose Job. The changes can be seen clearly from the before and after pictures of Sandara Park.

Sandara Park nose job

When she was younger, her nose was bulbous – making her standout from others. Today, she possesses a thinner and narrow nose. It seems that the nostrils have been slimmed down to compliment various changes that her nose has undergone.

Fans who are arguing against Sandara Park’s nose job rumors claim that the change could be a result of good makeup techniques. The Korean beauty has not reacted so far to her nose job speculations, leaving her fans and criticizers in a hot debate.

Botox Injections

Comparing her before and after photos, it is clear that Sandara’s graceful aging is enabled by use of Botox. She knows the moderation rule, as a result of which her tucks appears to be exactly what she needed.

The controversial speculations about Sandara Park’s plastic surgery is still a hot debate dividing her fans in two groups. Actresses like Sandara are managing well to improve their appearance without looking very different from their original looks.

Interesting Facts about Sandara Park

– Sandara Park born in 1984 in Busan, South Korea is a famous figure in show biz industry and is known for taking on numerous roles such as – singing, dancing, modeling and acting. She made her debut in 2004 with the film “Bcuz of U” and won debutant of the year award.

– She joined 2NE1 girls group (More about 2NE1 Members Profile) in 2009 and presently holds the position of director. CL, the leader of the girl group, is also rumored to have had plastic surgery. For more info, you can read this – CL Plastic Surgery – Did She Get a Nose Job and Double Eyelid Surgery?

– Sandara has featured in several television shows and commercials and was bought to the limelight after being featured in Star Circle quest. She is fluent in English, Tagalog, Busandialect and Korean. Sandara’s younger brother Park Sang is also an idol and former member of MBLAQ.

– Sandara is afraid of pets, dogs and other big animals. She is even frightened of her pet dog Gaho. She gets angry easily, especially when someone doesn’t reply to her messages.

– Sandara’s ideal type is someone who is cute and slim, rather than muscular.

– Though she is in early 30s, it is hard to believe as she is still a dazzling beauty. She has embraced cosmetic procedures to enhance her natural looks and it is believed that she consulted many cosmetic surgeons for this reason.

Many people share their opinion regarding Sandara Park’s plastic surgery, and the result is most of them agreed that this attractive girl had plastic surgery. The difference in her facial features can be clearly seen, and it is hard to say NO to this dramatic change.

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