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Shruti Haasan Plastic Surgery – Nose Job and Lip Job Rumors

Shruti Haasan plastic surgery
Shruti Haasan, daughter of Veteran actor Kamal Haasan was inclined towards acting from childhood. Though Shruti hasn’t seen any kind of success as her parents, she managed to maintain a decent career graph in South Indian film industry. Shruti resembles her mother and taken after all her beautiful features.

However, she seems unhappy with her natural looks and the rumors of Shruti Haasan plastic surgery went viral. Check out some of her latest pictures and I bet you will surely be excited to know about the surgeries she had undergone.

Shruti Hassan Hot Photos

Shruti Haasan Plastic Surgery Before and After Results

If you look at the early pictures of Shruti Haasan and compare them with recent ones, you will notice a drastic change in the shape and size of her nose. It is believed that she opted for Rhinoplasty more than once to achieve a perfect nose.

Shruti Haasan’s Look in 2008-2009 –

And Shruti Haasan in 2017 –

Usually, actresses shy away from discussing about the surgical procedures they underwent. But, Shruti Haasan never had problem admitting that she went for corrective surgery before her debut. She admitted that she went under the knife for nose job, as she was facing breathing problems.

Why Shruti Haasan Had Undergone Nose Job?

Shruti Haasan is particular about her things and doesn’t like concealing anything about her looks. She had undergone Rhinoplasty, which is a surgical procedure that is done to correct structural defects in the nose. It is also known as Nose Job and is performed on those suffering with impaired breathing issues. However, it has become one of the best options for celebrities to have a perfect nose.

In an interview she said –

“I had to do it not because I am not satisfied with my looks, but it was necessary to overcome her breathing problem”.

She had undergone septoplasty that rectifies deviated nasal spectrum. She said that her life became much easier after the surgery, as she was able to sleep peacefully. Though it is a minor procedure, it gave her great relief. But, experts say that septoplasty hardly changes the appearance or structure of nose, as it involves nasal bone cartilage.

Shruti Haasan Nose Job

Then, how come it changed the shape and structure of her nose? Earlier, Shruti had a big nose with large nostrils and bulbous tip that disturbed her facial looks. Even the bridge of her nose seems to be crooked slightly.

After Nose Job, the bridge became straighter and narrower.  The bulbous tip was transformed into a pointed one with nostrils not as prominent as before.

According to sources, Shruti went for plastic surgery to change her looks completely. She wanted to look like a Hollywood celebrity. However, such intentions seem ridiculous as she is already blessed with the beautiful features.

Shruti Haasan Lip Job Rumors

Shruti Haasan had her own share of rumors and controversies. The latest one she faced is about undergoing fuller and enhanced lips. Recently, her big lips have become talking point in media. But, Shruti denied on a leading daily —- lashing out people for being too observant. She has been in news last years also about her nose job and lip enhancement.

Shruti Haasan Lip Job

After making her lip job, she now looks like her mother Sarika. It is said that Shruti could have taken inspiration from her mother before undergoing lip surgery. In an interview, she revealed that she had undergone lip surgery, as a part of her new look for her next film.

Plastic surgery is an old trend in film industry. That has changed life of many actors and actresses. Even Miss World and Miss Universe are not left behind in reaping the benefits of cosmetic surgery in one or the other part of their body. Cosmetic makeover and silicon implants go in hand from Hollywood to Bollywood.

Shruti Haasan (no makeup) with Kamal Haasan
Shruti Haasan (no makeup) with Kamal Haasan

Not many female actresses who underwent plastic surgery were bold enough to admit having undergone a nose job. But, Shruti admitted it boldly saying that it was a corrective surgery done in US to treat her breathing problems.

Have a look at her recent appearance at one of the screen event and compare it with her photos before 2009. Do you think Shruti has come a long way? Hope you came to know about some of the interesting facts by talking about Shruti Haasan plastic surgery.

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