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Snooki Plastic Surgery – Boob Job, Liposuction, Botox & Nose Job

Snooki Plastic Surgery
Remember how Nicole “Snooki” Pollizi used to look like in her Jersey Shore days? All orange and tan with outrageous hair and makeup. The ex Reality TV star is being accused of having too many plastic surgery and just like other celebrities, Snooki’s plastic surgery is one of the biggest stories on everyone’s mouth.

Before ‘Jersey Shore’

Snooki first hit the screen in MTV’s reality show, “Is She Really Going Out with Him?” in 2009. It was a show about pretty women dating annoying and obnoxious men. She and her then-boyfriend Justin appeared in an episode.

Snooki Plastic Surgery Procedures

This talented lady is pretty vocal when it comes to her plastic surgery procedures. One time, she even posted clips of the whole needle procedure on her Snapchat account. Judging her look today from six years ago, Snooki definitely looks so different – and it’s not just because of her now invisible orange tan.

Snooki Before and After Boob Job (Breast Augmentation)

Snooki Boob Job

The mother of two unveiled her implants in an Awestruck video saying her “nipples are falling off”. She calls the entire boob job a “mommy makeover” because she believes her breasts were destroyed by having kids for breastfeeding, so Snooki decided to get C-cup implants, but doesn’t plan on getting her ta-ta’s bigger than C.

Snooki’s Nose Job Surgery

Snooki nose job

Snooki’s natural nose top was sharp and thin that’s why she got a rhinoplasty. She wanted to make her nose compatible to her face and while her nose might only be seen as a slight change, it’s definitely one of the parts of her face that has changed after giving birth.

Do you think this Jersey Shore star had a nose job or is it just makeup?

Snooki’s Botox Live Feed on Snapchat

Snooki botox

Snooki took to Snapchat to document one of her surgical procedures. “Today, I’m getting needles in my face. Getting my first Botox in my forehead and I’m doing a little plump in my lips, too.” Snooki really don’t need the Botox yet since she’s not even 40 years old. Maybe she should’ve invested in a skincare regimen and exercised daily to keep herself healthy and young.

Snooki’s Liposuction – How She Lost All the Weight Post Pregnancy

Snooki Liposuction

Five months after giving birth, Snooki lost around fifty pounds. The weight of her body reduced so fast that many believed she underwent a liposuction procedure because it’s seriously impossible to lose a huge amount of weight in such a little time.

According to the reality star, it was all just diet and exercise. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Lip Fillers

Snooki Lip Fillers

Pulling of a Kylie Jenner, Snooki once said that she hated her thin lips. She admitted that, at first, she never had the balls to have needles near her face but then they were done and realized “it wasn’t terrible at all”.

Snooki and Plastic Surgery Critics

“I honestly don’t care what people say about me because they don’t know me. I always say I’m not living for them, I’m living for myself. People talk, that’s just their nature. People are assholes so you just got to deal with it.” This petite woman doesn’t really care about what is being thrown at her. Snooki is an independent woman who takes no crap from people.

Where is Snooki Now?

In 2012, Jersey Shore finally came to an end.

Snooki is one of the biggest casts of Jersey Shore to emerge and hasn’t actually stopped since the show ended. She has done a spin-off Snooki and JWoww and appearing on a couple of TV shows like Supernatural and Dancing with the Stars.

Snooki is currently married to Jionnni LaVelle since 2014. They have a son named Lorenzo and a daughter named Giovanna.

She also appeared on WWE’s Monday Night Raw and has released a book. Her brand new show is one with her husband which follows them as they create a new business flipping hopes in New Jersey.

Earlier this year, Snooki also appeared in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Celebrity Apprentice.

The ex-reality TV star uploads videos on YouTube but is continuing to negotiate with another online distributor.
Whatever Snooki will do these days won’t even shock us anymore. After all, we’ve seen how she was during her Jersey Shore days and she was a wild child.

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