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Song Hye Kyo Plastic Surgery – Beauty Secrets Revealed!

Song Hye Kyo Plastic Surgery
If you’re a fan of Asian dramas, then you have probably heard of Descendants of the Sun which achieved so much success in Asia and in other countries as well. One of the actors in this hit Korean drama is Song Hye Kyo, the lead actress that co-stars with Korean heartthrob Soong Jongki. However, we’re going to ask the important questions here: did Song Hye Kyo plastic surgery happen?

Song Hye Kyo is a very popular actress in South Korea with lead roles in many Korean dramas. At 35 years old, she has achieved so much already.

Song Hye Kyo style

However, critics are saying that she has had plastic surgery to achieve super stardom. How much of this rumor is actually true? In this article, we’re going to find out as much as we can about Song Hye Kyo plastic surgery.

Double Eyelid Surgery

Upon looking at Song Hye Kyo’s high school graduation pictures, you can admit that she looked beautiful and actress-material right from the get-go. However, we must not disregard the slight difference in her look before and after reaching stardom.

Song Hye Kyo Pre-Debut and Now

It’s not uncommon for South Korean stars to undergo double eyelid surgery in order to improve the look of their eyes. Song Hye Kyo had big and round eyes before that would be considered attractive, however, she still had single eyelids.

Currently, Song Hye Kyo has double eyelids that are most likely due to plastic surgery. It is very easy to admit that her naturally big and round eyes became more attractive with double eyelids. Simply put, her eyes looked more Western instead of Asian, which is what Korean plastic surgery is really aiming for.

Song Hye Kyo’s Facial Fillers

Song Hye Kyo’s facial filler rumors are based on the fact that she has plump cheeks. Many netizens and critics say that she has had fillers inserted into her cheeks such that they are rounder and fuller, thus giving her a more youthful look.

Song Hye Kyo cute photo

At 35 years old, Song Hye Kyo is bound to show signs of aging. Thus, this rumor has sound basis but cannot be proven until a confession is heard. However, based on her before and after pictures she already has plump cheeks as a kid and teenager. So, she may have carried that trait into adulthood.

But it’s also not uncommon for aging women to want to maintain their youthful appearance. Thus, it is also probable that Song Hye Kyo had facial fillers to maintain her vibrancy.

Teeth Surgery

Although teeth surgery is not plastic surgery, we will also include it in this article since it is a cosmetic procedure somehow. Upon looking at Song Hye Kyo’s older pictures, it is evident that she had crooked teeth up to her teenage years.

Song Hye Kyo teeth before after

Obviously, this wasn’t going to fly if she wanted to be an actress. Thus, a teeth surgery was necessary in order to correct the crookedness of her teeth. This procedure is also not uncommon since not everybody is blessed with perfectly lined teeth.

The teeth surgery allowed Song Hye Kyo to have her signature white smile. Her front teeth, in particular, were corrected such that they currently are set straight.

Song Hye Kyo’s Natural Features

We strongly believe that Song Hye Kyo did nothing to alter her lips and nose, which are the most common plastic surgery sites for other celebrities. If you look at her before and after pictures, Song Hye Kyo’s nose remains the same shape.

Song Hye Kyo beauty secrets

Changes in her nose shape are probably due to photo manipulation or change in angle. In her latest drama, her nose still remains the same appearance.

On the other hand, Song Hye Kyo was gifted with naturally thick and luscious lips. This feature is very distinct for her and plays a great part in her image as an actress. Since she already had this attractive trait since childhood, we think it’s safe to say that she didn’t have any plastic surgery done to her lips.

Song Hye Kyo plastic surgery can be considered minimal if you compare it with today’s standards. From our point of view, we think that majority of her face is still natural and most rumors are grounded on weak bases.

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