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Song Joong-ki Plastic Surgery Before and After – Pre-debut Vs Now

Song Joong-ki Plastic Surgery
Song Joong-ki, one of most popular Korean actors is the heartthrob of many girls. Like other celebrities, he is also subject of plastic surgery rumors. A lot of people disagree to Song Joong-ki plastic surgery rumors and insist that he go this looks naturally, while some people believe that he went under the knife to enhance his looks.

Though Korean celebrities are known for being beautiful, they are always rumored of going under the knife. After watching them with ZERO wrinkles, I began to wonder – how is it possible. If plastic surgery is the reason behind their beautiful looks, we should appreciate the impeccable work of Korean plastic surgeons. A lot of Korean celebrities thrive for perfection in looks and this is the reason why they all opt for same kind of surgeries.

Song Joong-ki cute sexy photos

Song Joong-ki is rumored to get at least one plastic surgery, which is Rhinoplasty. It is believed that he opted for jaw surgery along with Nose job to improve his looks. However, Song Joong-ki said in an interview that he will never think to do plastic surgery.

Song Joong-ki’s Nose Job

The biggest rumor of Song Joong-ki plastic surgery is his Nose job. Nose jobs tend to be common among Korean celebrities as most of them have slightly flatter nose. It is believed that he went under the knife to improve the shape of his nose. The most desirable outcome of nose job is a sharper nose tip.

Song Joong-ki Pre-debut and now

If we take a look at the before and after photos carefully, we will find a slight difference in his nose shape. We are not sure if it is because of rhinoplasty or lighting effect. One thing we can say is he looked more matured in his recent photos. One thing we can say is that he had a competent plastic surgeon that could minimize the signs of rhinoplasty.

Song Joong-ki’s Jaw Surgery Rumors

Another plastic surgery rumor about Song Joong-ki is the jaw surgery. However, his fans commented believe that his jawline has changed from his younger years, just like others. There is not much sharpening of chin and it seems the same over years. If we compare his jawline with the ones who opted for jawline surgery, we can say that his chin is still of the same shape over years.

Song Joong-ki young and now

Jawline surgery is also known as “Jaw contouring” surgery, where the surgeon will shave down the jawbone for a slimmer face. Models, actors and pop stars are known to get jawline surgery as 14 years old as a preventive measure. But, there are a couple of jawline surgeries that horribly went wrong.

Interesting Facts About Song Joong-ki

– Song Joong-ki is a model who became famous when he starred in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. His credentials include A Werewolf Boy in 2012 that was a big hit in the box office.

– He loves when people call him ‘pretty’. He likes to sing ballad song and play guitar.

– Though he smoked several times during college days, he is staying away from them now purposely. Perhaps, this is the secret behind his flawless and beautiful skin tone.

– In the past, Song Joong-ki’s sister was exposed in pictures with a baby face and chubby looks. However, recently she was seen with great features that resemble her start brother Song Joong-ki.

– Song Joong-ki tied knot with Song Hye-kyo on October 31 2017 a Shilla Hotel in Seoul. The couple reportedly met while shooting Descendants in The Sun and it emerged last year that they were dating in real life.

Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo
Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo

– Song Joong-ki has maintained his looks very well since 2010. Till today, he remained true to his fans with natural looks like 6 years ago. With such a great fan base, it is must for Song Joong-ki to keep up with his looks. His looks and talent have always led him to overseas stints as his popularity grew.

– He wants people to know him for his talent, and not his looks. Perhaps, we should focus more on his talent and not looks.

Do you want to say anything about Song Joong-ki plastic surgery rumors?

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