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Sridevi Denied All Plastic Surgery Allegations But Pictures Don’t Lie

Sridevi plastic surgery
Don’t you think that actress Sridevi is looking much younger than her real age? Sridevi has a message for women who are in their 40s – Look after yourself and do what make you feel proud. Stay focused and be happy always to look radiant.

However, like other Bollywood celebrities — she is also surrounded by rumors and gossips. The biggest rumor is about Sridevi plastic surgery that kept her looks young and beautiful even in her 50s.

Rumors of Sridevi’s Nose Surgery

No doubt, Sridevi has mesmerizing looks and men go crazy over her ravishing looks. According to sources, Sridevi went through plastic surgery to get that perfect look. She is said to be the first Bollywood celebrity to have gone under plastic surgery to get her nose reshaped.

Sridevi nose job

Though Sridevi has not accepted it, the rumors suggest that the pretty actress go a nose job done. You can really find the difference by comparing her earlier photos with present ones. Her nose looked smaller and more pointed in the recent pictures. Her nose was really thin all of a sudden and had a flat shape at every tip. It seems to be done nicely.

She denied all the speculations and told media that she did many activities to keep her appearance youthful. Yoga, Tennis, walking, aerobics and diet played an important role in keeping her appearance youthful.

Well, she didn’t say anything about the changed shape of her nose. There are only a few people who are convinced that Sridevi didn’t undergo nose job. What do you think?

Rumors of Dermal Fillers in Sridevi’s Cheeks

Based on her recent photographs, it seems she may have possibly gotten dermal fillers in her cheeks. The cheeks look fuller in the lower part, just above the jaw bone. It appears different compared to any other time in her life.

Sridevi then and now

Whatever is the reason, she look utterly fabulous, continuing to draw the attention of millions of people. Many people insinuated that Sridevi did not choose the correct person for her plastic surgery.

Sridevi’s Breast Implants

There is also a rumor about Sridevi Brest Implants. Reports were rife that she opted for silicone implants in her late 40s. But, Sridevi did not choose to comment on this.

Sridevi boob job

One look at her before and after pictures shows how much she has changed over years. Her heavy bosom was never visible in her young days. It seems she favored such treatment at the time of her come back film ‘English Vinglish’.

The rumors started making rounds when she flaunted off her perfect figure at CCL in Dubai. Seeing her perfect shape, rumors took birth and spread across the industry. Whether or not she undergoes breast implant surgery, she possesses a killer body loved by all. She is still hot and can slaughter men like a young girl.

Sridevi Bosoms

Many people even claim that she got Botox injections for her face to smooth out the lines that show she has reached the 50 year old mark. Other than facial changes, she looks a bit different from what she looked decades ago.

Controversial Affairs of Sridevi

Boney’s attraction to Sridevi was no secret, but it took a lot of time for them to get closer. Though Sridevi and Boney Kapoor are considered as one of the powerful couples of Bollywood, their love story was full of obstacles and twists.

Sridevi was allegedly in love with Mithun Chakraborty during 70s. They were even reports that Sridevi and Mithun got married secretly. But, they both denied any such secret marriage and failed to acknowledge their relationship.

There was a time when Sridevi was engaged to Indian Badminton ace Vijay Amritraj. But, in the last minute Sridevi called off the marriage, no matter how hard he tried.

A few years later, she got a proposal from Arvind Swamy (Roja Fame). But, she cancelled the marriage as he was younger to her. Having affairs seems to have become a trend in B-town. What do you say?

Sridevi finally surprised (in fact, SHOCKED) many by tying a knot with Mr. India producer Boney Kapoor. She has two daughters Jhanvi and Khushi.

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