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Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery – Facelift, Cheek Implants & Neck Lift

Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Before and After
Susan Sarandon was a household name in her prime as an actress, but her prime has come and gone. Millennials are probably unfamiliar with her name and face, but older people definitely remember her because she has appeared in so many screens before. At 70 years old, did Susan Sarandon plastic surgery completely change her appearance?

Susan Sarandon is an American model and activist. She has appeared in many television shows and movies which one her multiple awards. In her youth, Susan Sarandon was one of the most beautiful women on television and movies, with her signature redhead look that she still holds today.

Susan Sarandon in 2012
Susan Sarandon in 2012

Today at 70 years old, Susan Sarandon appears a matured version of herself and not an altered one. Thus, the minimal change in her face may indicate that she didn’t get any plastic surgery in the past. But how is she dealing with aging? In this article, we’ll be finding out if she had anything done to her face through plastic surgery.

Susan Sarandon’s Facelift

Obviously, a woman as famous as Susan Sarandon would hope to maintain her youth with a few plastic surgery procedures. The facelift is obvious because today, Susan Sarandon has a smooth face and little wrinkles for a woman in her 70s.

Susan Sarandon then and now

Based on her recent pictures, it is likely that she had a facelift to rejuvenate her youth. The facelift allowed her face to remain taut and not sagging; as it normally would if she let time take its course.

Additionally, Susan Sarandon could have also sought the help of Botox injections to make her forehead smooth and wrinkle-free.

Susan Sarandon’s Cheek Implants

Women of Susan Sarandon’s age would normally have sagging skin around the cheek area due to volume loss. When she was young, Susan Sarandon had cheekbones to die for, and it was part of her signature look.

Susan Sarandon's Cheek Implants

However, her cheekbones no longer look the same today as it did before. We highly suspect that she got cheek fillers to make up for the volume loss. As a result, the cheek fillers made her face look healthier and plumper. This gave an illusion that her face is still young, which obviously worked because she doesn’t look 70 years old at all.

Susan Sarandon’s Neck Lift

This is only a simple speculation, but Susan Sarandon probably had a neck lift to supplement her facelift and Botox injections. A neck lift would work in conjunction with her other procedures to rejuvenate her youth.

Susan Sarandon neck lift

However, some before and after pictures support this claim because her neck seems to be changing. There was a time before that she looked especially old, with her neck wrinkly and sagging. The alleged neck lift made her neck smoother and less wrinkly than before.

Susan Sarandon’s Signature Hair

Susan Sarandon is known for her naturally red and curly hair. She has sported the same hair almost all of her career as an actress, and this is definitely one of her trademarks. Her hair is of natural reddish-brown color, with the locks naturally forming ringlets.

Susan Sarandon hairstyle

Needless to say, her natural hair and hair color are beautiful. It’s nice to see that Susan Sarandon still sports her natural red hair today, but she probably has it colored in to maintain the redness.

Eye Surgery

An eye surgery would have helped Susan Sarandon to rejuvenate the eye area. To do away with sagging and wrinkling as what happens in old age, Susan Sarandon probably had an eye surgery to make herself appear younger.

Susan Sarandon Eye Surgery

Brow Lift

It is also speculated if Susan Sarandon had a brow lift or not. We think it is not likely since her brow area is not too tight-looking. The eye surgery is probable since the skin around her eyes is slightly changed, but the brow lift holds no evidence so far.

Susan Sarandon plastic surgery was not a thing during her prime as an actress, but she definitely sought its help now. Nevertheless, she still looks stunning even in her old age, just as she did when she was younger.

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