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Sylvester Stallone’s Hair Transplant – Strategy to Look a Decade Younger

It’s time we analyze the hair transformations of our older stars. This time, we are going to talk about Sylvester Stallone’s hair transplant. As we all know, he is a veteran actor and one of the best in this age. So, what has happened to his hair thus far? In this article, we will find out how he got back his hair.

Sylvester Stallone Hair Transplant

Sylvester Stallone is an American actor, filmmaker, and screen writer. You may know him well for his iconic roll as Rocky Balboa in the Rocky series. Another iconic role of his is the solder Rambo from the Rambo series. For younger people, you may recognize him from his recent role in the action movie The Expendables.

Apart from being the best action stars of all time, Sylvester Stallone is also a talented filmmaker and writer. In fact, he co-directed many of the films in his own film series and many others. Due to his talent as both an actor and filmmaker, he was recognized with several awards including Golden Globe awards and Academy awards.

Sylvester Stallone hairstyles

Sylvester Stallone is already 70 years old, but he still has great physique and a knack for acting. This year, has two movies, Animal Crackers and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Next year, he has upcoming sequel for Escape Plan. Thus, it’s safe to say that this action star is far from giving up his super successful career.

Of course, many would expect that Sylvester Stallone would look his age. Even though he doesn’t really look like an old man thanks to great physical shape. However, his hair begs to differ. Men cannot help it if they are losing their hair due to male pattern baldness, and Sylvester Stallone is no exception even if he has a healthy lifestyle.

Sylvester Stallone Before and After Hair Transplant

Sylvester Stallone was beginning to show signs of hair thinning and a receding hairline. As the years go by, we can see more and more of his forehead due to his hairline getting higher and higher. Unfortunately, this is an obvious sign of male pattern baldness which affects most men of his age.

Sylvester Stallone hairs

However, it seems that Sylvester Stallone is not ready to say goodbye to his locks just yet just like his career as an actor and filmmaker. Recently, it seems that his hairline is not so visible as before. Could it be that a hair transplant is involved? We definitely think so.

Sylvester Stallone’s before and after pictures show a better-looking hairline, such that the baldness is not so obvious. He could have gotten a follicular unit transplantation and grew out the hair on his problem areas, particularly his hairline.

Sylvester Stallone's Body at the age of 68
Sylvester Stallone’s Body at the age of 68

The results? A younger looking Sylvester Stallone. Since he’s not ready to give up on his action-packed career, then he has to keep up a younger appearance to match his physique.

Sylvester Stallone’s hair transplant is a subtle yet successful hair transplant case. Fortunately, the result took at least a decade off of his appearance—to the point that you wouldn’t suspect that he’s already 70 years old!

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