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Tamar Braxton Plastic Surgery Outcomes – Nose Job Before After

Tamar Braxton plastic surgery
Tamar is an American songwriter, actress, reality show star and a singer. As opposed to the majority of celebrities who undergoes plastic surgery and when asked about it denies, Tamar Braxton plastic surgery jobs have been confirmed by herself.

She has been relatively open about the kinds of plastic surgery she underwent in the recent past. The most conspicuous plastic surgery that everyone noticed is the nose job. There is a clear distinction between the nose she currently has and the one she had some years back.

Apart from nose job, there are speculations ongoing that she had had buttocks treatment and even skin bleaching.

Tamar Braxton’s Appearance Before the Plastic Surgery

Tamar Braxton is the younger sister of American renowned musician-Toni Braxton. One of her greatest achievements is the founding of the R&B group: the Braxton. The Braxton also features her sister Toni Braxton.

Tamar Braxton and Toni Braxton
Tamar Braxton (left) and Toni Braxton (right)

She had her major breakthrough in 2011 in television as one of the main actresses of Braxton Family Values. Braxton Family Values turned to be so successful that it got ranked as No.1 in WE TV. She is married to Vincent Herbert and has been blessed with a boy called Logan Vincent Herbert.

According to Tamar Braxton, she was born without a cartilage in her nose, which is a rare case to come across. The condition is usually associated with breathing complication as one grows older. It can also lead to sudden shortage of breath coupled with far-reaching snoring issues.

Due to these complications, there was a need for Tamara to undergo plastic surgery for both health conditions as well as to enhance her beauty.

Tamar Braxton Before Surgery
Young Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton Young Photo

Before the surgery, Tamar had a rather adulate and spherical nose. Pointed nose is one of the most desired nose shapes by celebrities. Flat nose is usually an odd look for majority of Hollywood celebrities.

Tamar Braxton’s Nose Job Results

With the many roles she has to play in the entertainment industry, together with the pressures of motherhood, it is not shocking that this super-star has opted for ways to enhance her appearance.

She confesses that nose job is not a luxury, but somewhat necessity in their family. “So I’ve had a couple of surgeries,” – Braxton said. She goes further to say that the first nose job was not successful and the doctors had to repeat it by transferring cartilage from her ear to her nose.

Tamar Braxton Nose Job

If you keenly observe Tamar’s before and after photos, you will notice that her current nose is sharper as compared to the one she has before the nose job. We can truly admit that her plastic surgeon is skilled in these issues judged by the perfect work he has done to shape her nose.

Braxton Sisters’ Plastic Surgery Job

Braxton Sisters is a girls group that is composed of Toni, Traci, Trina, Tamar, and Towanda Braxton. They together formed the Braxton Family Values that came into limelight in 2011 when they were ranked No. 1 by WE TV.

Tamar Braxton Sisters
Braxton Family

There have been a lot of speculations going around that the sisters actually went through plastic surgery as depicted by their former and current photos. None of them has confirmed the rumor except Tamar Braxton’s plastic surgery and the Toni’s hip suction.

However, the evidence of plastic surgery is very much conspicuous in Toni Braxton and Tamar Braxton as compared to their other sisters.

Toni Braxton has revealed that she underwent plastic surgery to reduce her heavy thighs. She confirms that she had a hip suction to make her thighs thinner and more appealing.

Other Plastic Surgery Tamar Braxton Underwent

“The breasts are the most prominent part in a girl,” says Tamar. There have been ongoing rumors that Tamar did go through breast augmentation as can be judged by her current pictures. However, she has not yet confessed of undergoing breast implants.

Tamar Braxton Boob Job

Cheek implants and skin bleaching are other additional plastic surgery that the 39-year old is suspected to have undergone. When you closely examined her cheeks in her before and after pictures, you will notice the clear distinction.

Tamar Braxton skin bleaching

Tamar maintains that she didn’t have any chin implants neither did she do skin bleaching. She says that she has a condition called vitiligo that has led to the de-pigmentation of her skin.

Tamar is obviously not against plastic surgery contrary to most celebrities who have been denying to undergo plastic surgery; Tamar Braxton has confirmed that she indeed did a nose job. As she ages, it is very possible that we shall encounter other scenarios of Tamar Braxton plastic surgery apart from the ones mentioned above. However, we really hope that she doesn’t overuse it and turn into a disaster.

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