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Tara Reid’s Plastic Surgery – Botched Boob Job and Liposuction But Repaired

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Tara Reid’s plastic surgery is one of the many controversial celebrity plastic surgery stories that has been all over the media, gossip columns and celebrity gossipers.

Who is Tara Reid?

Tara is a very talented actress in Hollywood who was famous for her roles in Big Lebowski (her big break in the role of Bunny), American Pie 2, The New Class, California Dreams, Days of Our Lives and Scrubs. She started being in the spotlight back when she was only six years old being the face of several brands and commercials and also had massive support from her parents, Donna and Tom Reid who are teachers and daycare owners.

Tara’s sister is gorgeous and both siblings are very attractive to the eyes. Talent and beauty runs in their family.

Unfortunately for Tara, she has been addicted to altering her looks, making her look so plastic and botched. She is part of the worst plastic surgeries in Hollywood.

Tara Reid’s Disastrous Plastic Surgery Results

Unlike most celebrities who went under the knife, Tara Reid was honest and had been open enough to talk about every single detail of her plastic surgery procedures including her intentions behind the procedures as well as her regrets.

Tara Reid Plastic Surgery

Tara Reid’s Boob Job (Breast Implants)

Because Tara was unhappy with the size of her breasts, she knocked on a surgeon’s door and asked for help. She wanted her breasts to look in proper shape, as opposed to her irregular shaped breasts. Her breasts did look bigger, but somehow, the enlargement operation wasn’t one of the best. It made her breasts look saggy.

Tara Reid Boob Job

According to sources, Tara Reid spent around $9,500 for her boob jobs. She wanted a big B cup boobs but ended up with Big C cups and result was just horrible. Just take a look at the below picture:

Tara Reid in 2007:

Tara Reid in 2007

To get rid of the bumps around her nipples (as seen above), she had to get another boob job to fix it. According to DailyMail, her failed surgery affected her career in a negative way. She used to charge charged up to £13,000 per event but it came down to offers of just £1,500 as bookings for the star was declining.

Tara Reid in 2017:

Tara Reid in 2017

Tara used to look a lot better compared to how she looked before. Her breasts are nothing close to what we call sexy today.

Tara Reid’s Liposuction

Maybe she has worked out so hard in the gym? People are speculating that Tara Reid has had a liposuction. If you look at her tummy, it looks very flat and tight. They said that this could be a result of cosmetic surgery.

Tara Reid's Liposuction

Tara Reid perfect bikini body was all she ever wanted but unluckily, her saggy skin on the tummy makes her look like she’s very, very old for her age.


In 2006, Tara talked about her career becoming “somewhat of a joke” and that reputation is due to her being part of a reality show she did on E! called “Taradise” which showed that she was a wild one when it came to partying. She told one publication company that doing the show was “probably the stupidest thing I ever did .. I didn’t know it was going to ruin my career.”

Tara Reid Taradise

She also had one wardrobe malfunction back in 2004 at a party with Diddy where one of her breast was exposed. Shots of her deformed nipple immediately rounded the world wide web and Tara recalled that experience horrifying and was devastating.

Tara Reid wardrobe malfunction

Tara Reid About Her Botched Plastic Surgery

I had body contouring but it all went wrong. My stomach became the most ripply, bulgy thing. –  Tara talked about her surgery on The View.

In 2006, she talked about wanting to have reconstructive surgery to fix her botched plastic surgery. In 2009, Tara Reid showed off her fixed plastic surgery by posing for the cover of Playboy magazine.

Confident Tara Reid in 2010:

Tara Reid in 2010

What We Can All Learn From Tara Reid’s Botched Plastic Surgery

If you wish to do some sort of plastic surgery to your face and body, have it done by an expert who knows what moderations to put in place. Tara isn’t the only celebrity who became a victim of bad plastic surgery, but there has been lots of others.

Plastic surgery can be a disaster or can can transform your appearance and make you look more attractive. Unfortunately, there will be potentials of making one look more worse than before, regretting and losing more self-esteem.

Plastic surgery has side effects like skin cancer and that is why before going under the knife, you better make sure that the doctor is skilled and you won’t get carried away by the cosmetic surgery procedure.

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