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Teyana Taylor Plastic Surgery – Nose Job, Boob Job and Butt Implants

Teyana Taylor plastic surgery
Actress and recording artist Teyana Taylor is a popular R&B singer who has collaborated with famous musical icons such as Pharrell Williams, Chris Brown and User. She has been seen all over Fashion Week runways as well as a feature in Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Teyana has also been part of major films like The Start Up, Cruel Summer, Madea’s Big Happy Family and many more.

The actress has also been rumored to have undergone some plastic surgery procedures.

Teyana Taylor’s Plastic Surgery Procedures

Her surgical procedures are probably one of the most popular celebrity plastic surgery procedures out there. Everybody is fixed on the series of nip and tuck operations she had.

Teyana Taylor Sexy Photos

However, Hollywood celebrities are known for going under the knife to fix their flaws and maintain their youthful looks. Teyana Taylor is no exemption. She felt the pressure to look perfect so she turned to plastic surgery.

Teyana Taylor Before and After Nose Job

Her nose is job is one of the procedures that she is rumored to have done. It all started a while back when the R&B singer posted a photo of herself alongside Karrueche and Chris Brown when they were all celebrating the release of her new single. In the photo, her nose seemed smaller and slimmer compared to her previous photos.

Teyana Taylor nose job

Maybe it’s just us but her new nose looks adorable – maybe it’s because of her contouring and highlight since everybody’s doing it, but one thing’s for sure—we like her new look.

Butt Implants

It’s also believed that the actress had butt implants to enhance the size of her already perky behind. In Teyana Taylor before and after plastic surgery procedures, she used to look slender, having little to no behind. Now, in comparison, her butt looks shaped and bigger than usual, an indication that she had butt implants.

Teyana Taylor butt implants

Her butt implants complimented her toned body very well and we deem that unlike most celebrities, Teyana Taylor chose the right procedure.

Did Teyana Taylor Have Boob Job (Breast Implants)?

The singer recreated Janet Jackson’s famous 1993 Rolling Stones magazine cover. Controversies surfaced that she had breast implants because there were allegedly implant scars under her breasts. One said that the indention is actually a tattoo.

Teyana Taylor boob job

There have been debates whether her boobs are fake or real. Some say she already had massive boobs, and having them a few sizes bigger would look unnatural on her. “They’ve gotten bigger since having the baby and just aging in general, but they’re all hers,” one fan commented. Others believe that she got her boobs bigger naturally due to exercising and eating healthy.

Teyana Taylor Sneaker Collaboration with a Big Company

Taylor signed a deal to design and release two pairs with a big sneaker brand, Adidas. She is known to hold the record for the fastest-selling sneakers in Adidas Originals history. She is currently designing her second pair of sneakers with Adidas.

Teyana Taylor’s NBA Husband:

Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert
Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert (source)

She is married to Iman Shumpert, an America professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Where is Teyana Taylor Now?

There’s no news about where she is right now since she has fallen off the radar but is still pretty active on her social media accounts. The news about her on TMZ is from a hundred days ago, perhaps from her Valentine rendezvous with her husband.

Teyana Taylor hot photos

Back in June 2016, Teyana released a single “Freak On” where she collaborated with Chris Brown and produced by DJ Mustard.

She and Kanye West must be pretty close because she appeared in his music video for the single Fade where Teyana Taylor performs a dance routine.


Plastic surgery isn’t going to go away any time soon because this is the holy grail of a lot of celebrities who wish to maintain their younger looks and fixing their flaws.

Fans believed that there could be a possibility that Teyana Taylor could enhance her looks without going under the knife. With the help of makeup, perhaps?

Teyana Taylor is a bit young to undergo these plastic surgery procedures but it would be quite interesting to see a young star who doesn’t feel the need to alter parts of her body. We’d like to see someone who embraces their flaws. Celebrities these days don’t quite pass a good message to the young generation.

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