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Tori Spelling Plastic Surgery – One of the Worst Boob Jobs Ever?

Ttori Spelling plastic surgery
When you look up Tori Spelling plastic surgery, it’s no doubt that you’re going to run into the topic of her bad boob job story. So, what did happen to Tori Spelling’s boob job (breast augmentation surgery)? Let’s find out here.

Tori Speling is an American actress and TV personality. She was first widely known for her role as Donna Martin in 90’s TV series Beverly Hills 90210. Moreover, she also starred in many TV movies such as A Friend to Die For, A Carol Christmas, The Mistle-Tones, and Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? She’s also well known as an actress for her roles in several indie films such as Trick, Cthulhu, Kiss the Bride, and Izzie’s Way Home which was released just last year.

Aside from being an actress and TV personality, Tori Spelling is also a successful author. Her autobiography, Stori Telling, was part of the New York Times Bestseller List and was awarded the best celebrity autobiography of 2009.

Today at 43 years old, Tori Spelling takes part as a judge in the TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Tori Spelling Before and After Boob Job

Do you want to know why Tori Spelling’s boobs were considered one of the worst boob jobs known to mankind? Well, if you just take one look at her deformed boobs, you’ll find out why. Tori Spelling allegedly got two breast augmentations surgery in the past, back in her 20s. Back then, bigger, back-breaking boobs were in trend. Thus, it’s no surprise that the breast implants she had gotten were almost bigger than her own head!

Tori Spelling boob job

However, Tori Spelling never had the implants taken out after 15 or so years, even if her doctor had recalled them. Obviously, this had some detrimental effect both on her breastmilk production and the form of her breasts.

In an article on Radar, the actress stated that she was afraid of having flat boobs once the implants got taken out. Instead, she let them expire inside her body. According to Tori Spelling, she cannot feel through her breasts anymore, and they feel hard as rocks upon touch.

Her plastic surgeon eventually gave her the choice of having the implants removed and replacing them with smaller ones, or having the implants removed and letting the body rest for a while. The actress was reportedly afraid of having flat, limp boobs during the rest period.

Tori Spelling Boobs 2017

Oh well, we sure know what the obviously better choice is, and that’s letting the breast area rest even if that meant pancake boobs. We hope Tori Spelling acts wisely, and fast!

Tori Spelling Nose Job

Tori Spelling also got an obvious nose job back in her youth. This change is quite obvious if you look at her before and after pictures. Way back in the 90s, Tori Spelling had a large and slightly crooked nose that offset her face. Of course, she’s going to have it fixed sooner or later.

Tori Spelling Nose Job

Today, and seemingly after a lot of nose jobs after, Tori Spelling has a sharper, more attractive-looking nose with a straight bridge and finer looking tip.

Tori Spelling Lip Injections

There’s got to be something about Tori Spelling’s lips, because they look different than they did before.

Once again, if you take a look at Tori Spelling plastic surgery before and after pictures, her lips became fuller and a bit thicker than before. This made her more attractive and more beneficial to lip makeup.

Tori Spelling then and now
Then and now

Tori Spelling Botox Injections

Tori Spelling is already 43 years old. Men and women in their 40s tend to develop wrinkles and fine lines to show for their age. Most stars who are under constant supervision by the public eye don’t like these signs of aging, probably because it reminds them of their own mortality and limited time in the limelight.

Tori Spelling is probably one of the many Botox users in the industry, because her face looks very smooth and youthful despite her age.

Tori Spelling plastic surgery includes a lot of plastic surgery procedures, and that comes as no surprise since she looks so young. Well, aside from the breast augmentation surgery, we think that her procedures went well for her.

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