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Tzuyu Plastic Surgery Before and After – Shocking Results!!!

Tzuyu plastic surgery
Tzuyu, a Taiwanese singer from South Korea is the youngest member of the group ‘TWICE’. She was born in 1999 in Tainan and was discovered by JYP representative in 2012. Though she looks good and attractive with no notable flaws, a lot of people want to know about the rumors of Tzuyu plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is common in Korea and is as normal as medication for a fever for us. You can simply head out to Korea, if you want to enhance your looks and make them 100% perfect.

Twice, the most popular Korean band lets you admit the fact that the girls are too pretty to be Korean. However, criticizers often link it to the term called ‘Plastic Surgery’, instead of enjoying their beauty.

Tzuyu cute photo

But, do you think that Tzuyu, the popular member of the group have been through one? Through immense research, I gathered a few details about Tzuyu plastic surgery rumors and the truth behind it.

Tzuyu’s Nose job

Tzuyu was under close examination by netizens, as they believe that she went under the knife for a nose job. Though the fans of Tzuyu deny this rumor, there are some evidences that netizens dug up to suggest otherwise.

Twice Tzuyu nose job

There were photos of Tzuyu before debut and she looks perfectly adorable with natural looks. However, criticizers claim that her nose used to be hooked nose. On the contrary, her recent photos say something else.

When compared her recent photos with that of old ones, we found her nose to be little different. But we suspect, it’s because of lighting or makeup. Her fans defended her saying – “None of the members in TWICE got plastic surgery”. What do you think? [Read – TWICE Plastic Surgery Rumors – Natural Beauties or Plastic Beauties?]

Tzuyu’s Eyelid Surgery

The pictures of Tzuyu went viral as netizens began mocking her. Despite enjoying massive popularity and success, Tzuyu looks like she is paying for the cost of popularity and fame. The original photo was shown as proof that Tzuyu has gotten surgery, with emphasis on double eyelids. However, subsequent photos showed her eyes look the same as they are now.

Twice Tzuyu pre-debut and now

In addition, the photos from the same event showed Tzuyu’s unchanged appearance and nose shape. Her childhood and present photos show how beautifully she’s grown up. You can see how adorable and pretty she is from childhood.

There are rumors flying round about jawline surgery. However, it is hard to know how true it is.

Interesting Facts about Tzuyu:

– The 18 year beauty is free from any traces of plastic surgery and looks highly admirable. She has been part of many music videos and carries herself amazingly. She appeared in music videos of “Stop Stop It” and “Only You” prior to her debut.

Tzuyu in Glass

– Though she is youngest member of the group, she is the tallest of all. She is a huge fan of ‘Sistar’ the popular Korean Band. [Read – K-Pop SISTAR Plastic Surgery – Hyorin, Bora, Soyou and Dasom]

– Tzuyu can imitate Yoda from Star Wars. While filming TWICE’s musical video, she cried when saying goodbye to the rabbits she used to play with. She was originally eliminated on JYP’s reality show “SIXTEEN” and added to “TWICE”.

– From the photos, it looks like she is just having a normal condition like other celebrities. Taking care of looks and outfits made her look cool and prettier than before. She looks natural even without any makeup and it doesn’t look like she has taken any surgery.

– Recently Tzuyu and AOA Seolhyun were being compared and there are some rumors that Tzuyu can surpass Seolhyun popularity.

Well, Tzuyu is really beautiful and you can say “she is just like her mother”. Tzuyu is blessed to have natural beauty. And regarding plastic surgery, she is just 18 and the decision to have plastic surgery will be premature.

Do you have anything to say about the rumors of Tzuyu plastic surgery?

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