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UNIQ Members Profile – Yibo, Sungjoo, Seungyeon, Wenhan and Yixuan

UNIQ Members
Uniq (stylized as UNIQ) is a Chinese-Korean boy group that was formed by Yuehua Entertainment back in 2014. Although they are Chinese and Korean, they are based in Seoul, South Korea. UNIQ has five members – Yixuan, Yibo, Sungjoo, Seungyeon and Wenhan.

All members trained with their management for 1400 days before debuting.

UNIQ Profile

UNIQ Official Fan Café: Daum Café
UNIQ Official Facebook Page: Facebook
UNIQ Official Youtube Channel: Youtube
UNIQ Official Twitter Page: Twitter
UNIQ Official Instagram Account: Instagram
UNIQ Official V App: V App

Details About UNIQ Members and UNIQ Profile

Yibo Profile

Stage Name: Yibo
Real name: Wang Yibo
Hangul: 이보
Chinese Name: Wang Yibo (王一博)
Position in UNIQ: Rap, Lead Dancer, Visual, and Maknae
Nationality: Chinese
Birth Place: Luoyang
Birth Date: August 5, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 179centimeters
Weight: 59kilograms

Yibo Facts:

– Yibo can play yo-yo without interruption.
– He can also do some beat boxing.
– Yibo is a big fan of Big Bang, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Rihanna, Beyonce and Chris Brown.
– His favorite films are “The Fast and Furious” and “Spiderman”.
– If he could eat only two things in life, it would be Japanese ramen and xiaolongbao.
– Yibo plays basketball, bowling, skateboarding and swimming.
– He graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School.
– His favorite brands are Nike Air Jordan, Givenchy, Balmain and Armani.
– Yibo can fluently speak both Chinese and Korean.
– He said that he likes women who are loyal, cute but sexy.
– His favorite colors are white, gold, black, red and neon green.

Sungjoo Profile

Stage Name: SungJoo
Real name: Kim SungJoo
Hangul: 김성주
Chinese Name: 金圣柱
Position in UNIQ: Vocals
Nationality: South Korea
Birth Place: Incheon
Birth Date: Feb 16, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: A
Height: 180centimeters
Weight: 68kilograms

Sungjoo Facts:

– He was born in Incheon, South Korea.
– Sungjoo’s favorite colors are black, silver, white and blue.
– He used to train with YG Entertainment.
– He underwent over 1400 days of training before debuting for UNIQ.
– Sungjoo is considered the top visuals of the group.
– His type of films are action and sci-fi.
– He can do taekwondo and skateboarding.
– Sungjoo is the main vocalist of the band.
– He can speak Korean, conversational Japanese and conversational Chinese.
– His favorite foods are roasted duck, salmon and ramon.
– Sungjoo’s ideal type are women that are loyal.
– He likes Balmain, Adidas, Nike and Vans.
– Sungjoo was able to land a role in “The Liar and His Lover” as a supporting actor. His charater was Yoo Shi Hyun.
– He also played a doctor in “Live Up To Your Name”, a Korean drama.

Seungyeon Profile

Stage Name: Seungyeon
Real name: Cho Seungyeon
Hangul: 조승연
Chinese Name: 曹承衍
Position in UNIQ: Rap, Vocals
Nationality: South Korea
Birthplace: Gyeonggi
Birth Date: August 5, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Blood Type: O
Height: 180centimeters
Weight: 65kilograms

Seungyeon Facts:

– He’s really good at playing soccer and beat boxing.
– Aside from that, he can also play the piano and the guitar.
– Sungyeon’s favorite artists are San.E, Beyonce, Beenzino, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar.
– He’s favorite movies are “The Avengers”, the “Harry Potter” films and “If Only”.
– He was originally a student in a Brazilian football school but later realized that his first love with singing and music.
– Sungyeon said he doesn’t have a favorite food. He isn’t picky and would eat just about anything.
– He’d like to won a pet otter, lion, tiger or horse someday.
– Sungyeon returned to South Korea shortly after to join a few talent competitions for Korean entertainment companies.
– Sungyeon is known to be the rapper and vocalist of the group.
– His favorite colors are black, green, blue, red and white.
– His favorite brands are Nike, Adidas, Yves Saint Laurent, Balmain and Stussy.
– He can speak fluent Portugese, Mandarin Chinese, Korean and Filipino.
– Seungyeon is very good friends with Pentagon’s Kino, Seventeen’s Vernon and 15&’s Jimin.
– He’s also pretty close with GOT7’s Yugyeom.
– For his solo projects, he uses the stage name Luizy.
– He likes women that are attractive and charismatic.

Wenhan Profile

Stage Name: Wenhan
Real name: Li Wenhan
Hangul: 문한
Chinese Name: Li Wen Han (李汶翰)
Position in UNIQ: Vocals
Nationality: Chinese
Birth Place: Hangzhou
Birth Date: 1994.07.22
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: A
Height: 180centimeters
Weight: 64kilograms

Wenhan Facts:

– Wenhan is a huge fan of Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake, Trey Songz, Usher, Chris Brown, Wang Leehom and Eason Chen.
– He likes women that are cute but sex, smart and charismatic.
– He likes dogs of any breed and would want to own a Scottish Fold cat and owl some day.
– Wenhan’s most unforgettable moment was when his dad taught him how to play basketball and immediately fell in love with the sport.
– He wants to become one of the most popular idol groups in the world and bring more joy and happiness to people.
– Aside from basketball, Wenhan plays tennis, bowling and swimming.
– He keeps himself healthy by going running and going to the gym.
– Wenhan can speak Chinese, Korean and English.
– In the past, he was able to win for the Hangzhou Junior Swimming Competition.
– Wenhan used to study in the US but gave it up to focus more on his musical career.
– Brands that he mostly wear are Givenchy, Armani, Burberry, Adidas, Nike and Rebook.
– He’s close with other celebrities like Jun of Seventeen.
– They hangout together when both of them are in Korea.
– Fans have spotted them going out to eat and shopping together and Wenhan also posts usually on Weibo.

Yixuan Profile

Korean Name: Zhou Yixuan
Hangul: 조이쉔
Chinese Name: Zhou Yixuan (周艺轩)
Position: Rap, Leader
Nationality: Chinese
Birth Place: Zhejiang Shengzhou
Birth Date: Dec 11, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 183centimeters
Weight: 65kilograms

Yixuan Facts:

– Yixuan is a Chinese-born singer based in South Korea.
– His favorite colors are white, Carolina blue, red and black.
– He likes to eat anything that has crab, shrimp or beef. His most favorite is crab soup dumpling.
– If Yixuan could own animals as pets, he’d want to have a pet dolphin and a panda.
– Brands that he usually wears are Lanvin, Givenchy, Nike, Timberland and G-Shock.
– His favorite artists are Rain, Skrillex, Florida and Lupe Fiasco.
– His specialties are the rubik’s cube, beat boxing, krumping, rapping and composing.
– His favorite movies are “X-Men”, “The Legend of 1900, Rashomon” and “Ex-Files”.
– Yixuan’s most unforgettable moment is dreaming of performing on stage after watching Rain perform in his Beijing concert.
– He appeared on “The Rap of China”, a show similar to “Show Me the Money”.
– Yixuan likes women who smile a lot.
– He was scouted by Yuehua Entertainment when he participated in one of Asia’s largest dance competition – KOD (Keep on Dancing).
– Zhou Yixuan is the group leader for all Chinese activities within UNIQ.

Who is your UNIQ bias? Let us know in the comments section below.

Your UNIQ bias is your favorite R&B singer:

Yixuan – Beyonce
Sungjoo – Rihanna
Wenhan – Aaliyah
Seungyoun – Nicki Minaj
Yibo – Monica

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