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Vanna White Plastic Surgery: Facelift, Eyelid Surgery & Nose Job

Vanna White Plastic Surgery Before After
Even popular television hosts are not safe from gossip sites. Thus, here we are talking about Vanna White plastic surgery.

Vanna White, born Vanna Marie Angel, is a 60-year-old American television personality best known as the hostess of the popular American game show Wheel of Fortune, since 1982.

Vanna White is well known for her TV-friendly beauty, with golden blonde hair and a friendly, beautiful face. At her current age of 60 years old, how can she still look so young?

Vanna White Facelift

Vanna White’s facial features look the same as her younger photos, so it’s hard to tell if she got any plastic surgery done in her youth. We highly doubt it. However, as an aging TV personality, Vanna White is undeniably prone to plastic surgery in order to maintain a youthful look.

Vanna White Plastic Surgery
Vanna White Plastic Surgery Before and After

At 60 years old, many women tend to develop wrinkles and fine lines on their face. Upon comparison of her before and after pictures, Vanna White’s wrinkles and laugh lines mysteriously lessened. A facelift could have been done to achieve this effect, and it could also be responsible for the tighter and smoother skin that Vanna White has.

Botox injections are widely used to remove wrinkles on different parts of the face. Thus, Vanna White’s youthful look can also be the product of a few Botox injections here and there.

Vanna White facelift

Although these rumors are most likely true (because hey, who can look that young at 60?), we think that Vanna White’s choices in plastic surgery are well-made. She definitely doesn’t look overdone, and nor does she look too fake and waxy unlike the other stars who undergo facelifts.

Vanna White Cheek Fillers

There are also speculations that Vanna White has had cheek fillers inserted into her face. Cheek fillers are used in order to make up for the volume lost due to aging and make the face look plumper. The evidence for these speculations are her before and after pictures.

Vanna White then and now
Vanna White then and now

If you would notice in her before pictures, Vanna White’s cheeks look thinner than her after pictures. Thus, it could be possible that the reason for Vanna White’s full and plump cheeks is the insertion of cheek fillers. However, tabloids and gossip sites alike praise the TV host for her choice in plastic surgeon/s. The procedures, at least the ones that are most obvious, look well done and are very, very subtle.

Vanna White Eyelid Surgery and Rhinoplasty

According to Dr. Sherrell J. Aston as cited by MakeMeHeal, Vanna White looks like she has had an eyelid lift. This procedure is meant to rejuvenate the eyes and take away the heaviness that occurs when aging sets in. True enough, the TV host’s eyelids look just as lively as in her younger years despite the crow’s feet.

Vanna White nose job

Apart from an eyelid surgery, there is also speculation that Vanna White has gotten a rhinoplasty or nose job in the past. According to Dr. Aston, the host’s nose appears thinner than in Playboy years, thus it is likely that she had a nose job at some point in her career.

Vanna White’s Body

Vanna White graced Playboy’s pages from the 80s to 90s. Her body is naturally sexy and lithe due to a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. In Wheel of Fortunate, Vanna even had a segment talking about healthy recipes that other people can try for their own.

Thus, there’s no question when it comes to Vanna White’s body. Even in her older age, you can tell that she has been keeping her figure in check. However, we don’t see any reason to believe that she has had any type of liposuction done to keep up the hot bod.

Vanna White young
Young Vanna White

Regarding the TV host’s breasts, it doesn’t look like she has had any breast augmentation surgery done. Upon analysis of her sexy photoshoots, it appears that her breast size doesn’t change at all. The appearance of her breasts only seem to change because of the undergarments she is modeling. Until now, there appears to be no change in her breasts.

Vanna White plastic surgery is a prime example of successful plastic surgery cases. In the TV host’s situation, the surgeries weren’t overdone and she was lucky to have talented surgeons to work on her. Kudos to Vanna White!

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