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Vivica Fox’s Plastic Surgery – See What Went Wrong!

Vivica Fox After Surgery
Everybody was once mesmerized with the beauty of Hollywood star Vivica Fox. She has been famous because of her wonderful performance and acting in “Soul Food” and “Independence Day”. Right now, she hasn’t been on the news for her acting but because of Vivika A. Fox plastic surgery rumors.

Although it’s very common for women celebrities in Hollywood to undergo some plastic surgery procedure, many celebrities in the limelight has become addicted to these plastic surgery procedures since it’s become an obsession to look youthful and glowing by going under the knife, even if it’s cost is risking your life.

Vivica Fox Before and After Plastic Surgery

The latest gossip since 2016, Vivica Fox has not confirmed nor deny these plastic surgery allegations. The 50-year-old worked in the Hollywood industry for years now. Her weapon, aside from her acting skills, is her beauty, but unfortunately, the gifted actress got caught by the many celebrities’ plastic surgery obsession.

Vivica A. Fox Plastic Surgery

She calls her transformations “little tune up”, slightly admitting that she did in fact go under the knife. The alleged plastic surgery procedures that were reported Vivica Fox had undergone were for her breasts, nose and face.

Vivica Fox’s Boob Job (Breast Implants)

One obvious procedure that Vivica Fox underwent was her breast implants. Unfortunately, her newly transformed breasts looked squashed or even botched. Her chest looks really bumpy and rippled, like there was some type of abuse of the implant that was inserted into her body.

Vivica Fox Boob Job

She already has a curvy body structure because of her African heritage and we think the need to have breast implants is really exaggerating. Vivica’s breasts are a disaster and it’s very disappointing.

Her breast augmentation became a sad example of how horrible the results of bad celebrity plastic surgery can be.

Vivica Fox’s Nose Job

Having perfect nose in Hollywood is important. That perfectly chiseled nose that has a defined nose bridge is the kind of perfection many people would want to have. The before and after pictures of Vivica Fox really proved that she indeed has a rhinoplasty to achieve this look.

Vivica Fox Nose Job

In the before picture, you will see that she had a bigger nose compared to the after picture. Like most African origin people, they have larger noses. The transformation of Fox only showed that she went under the knife.

While her nose did look different, many people are reacting differently to her rhinoplasty. Some say they love it while others say it’s such a disaster. What do you think?

Vivica Fox’s Dermal Fillers Botox Injections

It is very popular fact that eight out of ten women in Hollywood usually get Botox injections. This is considered the easiest gateway into these cosmetic procedures.

Vivica Fox then and now

It’s also considered the best way to remove any signs of again, giving your skin a more rejuvenated and fuller effect. We know there are already so many things you can do to your face, but at the age of Vivica Fox, a wrinkle-free forehead and invisible laughing line marks are just pointing towards her use of either Botox injections or even dermal fillers like Restylane or Juvederm.

Fans of the Hollywood actress hoped she would stop messing with her natural beauty before it is too late. There has been so many celebrities who resulted to botched faces because of failed plastic surgery, hasn’t Vivica Fox learned anything?

The fiery actress has acknowledged the dangers and is very aware of the scarring that was caused by a failed plastic surgery, but you know what, she has no regrets at all. Fox stated that she will get as many procedures as she feels comfortable just to make herself look better and feel better, as she sees fit.

Plastic surgery is the new heavy diet and exercise – which prevents one from ageing. It’s a need that many celebrities would go under the knife. It’s considered mandatory in Hollywood to go under the knife to look their absolute best.

Let us know what you think about Vivica Fox plastic surgery rumors by commenting below!

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