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Wendy Williams’ Plastic Surgery – Lost 50 Pounds Over a Period of 3 Years

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery
Wendy Williams is an American media personality, comedian, author, actress and a daytime talkshow host. She hosts the most popular television talk show, the Wendy Williams Show. Regarding plastic surgery, a lot of women deny the fact that they would get it done, or might say no to it for other reasons such as – it is against their culture, they don’t need it, or they don’t have money for it.

Wendy Williams, born on July 18, 1964 is probably the most popular American television host, author, fashion designer, actress and former radio personality. She has been hosting the Wendy Williams Show since 2008. Prior to hosting television shows, she was a radio DJ and later became popular in New York as “Shock Jockette”.

She has written the New York’s best-selling autobiography and has created many product lines including – fashion line, jewelry collection and a wig line.

Like other celebrities, Wendy Williams was also surrounded by the rumors of plastic surgery. Many people criticize her so much for getting plastic surgery and when asked, she responded – “They are Jealous”. Plastic surgery is such a sensitive topic that Wendy has stirred up firestorm manytimes, hearing those remarks.

Is Wendy Williams a Man?

Since the beginning of her career, rumors about whether or not Wendy Williams is a man has been a subject of conversation. The talk show host said in an interview that “people think I was born as a man”.

Wendy Williams' Manly Look
Wendy Williams’ Manly Look

The topic originated during a conversation when she was asked about Trans actress Laverne Cox. But, Williams decided to talk about her rumor and said “This is absolutely not true”.

She understands that she has a strong face and body, which could be the reason why such rumors are out there!

William also added – “there is no worse way to insult a woman than by saying she looks like man”. Now, with a hit talk show — it’s the same Wendy who just wants to go home after shoot and not to any celebrity event.

Wendy Williams Before and After Plastic Surgery

Wendy is a strong advocate of plastic surgery, and described her motivation to go under the knife. She wanted her body to match with her personality, which could be the reason behind Wendy Williams’ plastic surgery.

Wendy Williams is a strong icon and she admitted publicly that she had some plastic surgery done, and there is no reason to hide it. She seems to be quite comfortable with her new looks and personality. The before and after photos of Wendy are amazing, and she looks much better in after surgery photos.

Wendy Williams’ Nose Job and Cheek Implants

Nose jobs have become too common in the US in both male and female celebrities. It is rumored that Wendy Williams had her nose job done slimmer with a less broad tip.

Wendy Williams Nose Job

The rumors of a nose job started after she was not seen for few weeks, and many people speculated that she was recovering from rhinoplasty.

The closer inspection of before and after photos revealed a dramatic difference in her facial features. Her cheeks looked fuller in her recent photos, as if she added some implants. She possibly had a facelift for a better face shape and warmer smile.

Wendy Williams’ Eyelid surgery and Botox Injections

Wendy is going to turn 51 years this year, and there are hardly any signs of wrinkles on her face. This shows that she had some Botox injections to tighten her skin, giving her a more youthful appearance.

Wendy Williams botox

Her eyelids also seem to be lifted, giving a brighter gaze.

Wendy Williams’ Boob Job (Breast Implants)

Wendy has often described her history of plastic surgeries and breast implants to Fox TV. In her book, “Wendy’s got the Heat”, she gave credit to plastic surgery that gave her breasts the size that her self-image needed. She got D-cups now, though she wears a smaller bra. However, many people feel like the size of her breasts was too big for her body, making her look disproportional.

Wendy Williams Boob Job

Her boobs look like they are going to make her topple over due to heavy little bottom of her. Though Wendy went a little overboard with breast implants, she never has been happier with her appearance. She even got the implants replaced recently, as it has been more than ten years — and the casing wears thin.

Wendy Williams’ Diet Plan and weight loss

Wendy Williams grew up as a chubby child, and has tried almost all the diet plans. The 51 year old talk show host revealed that she lost 50 pounds over a period of 3 years by having some self-control. She told fans that she stopped eating meat and started doing cardio workouts. “All you need to do is “Just Push back, and stop eating much”.

Wendy Williams weight loss

The slimmed down star admitted that she learned self-control and avoided dairy and refined food for years. She even stopped eating after dark, and has found plenty of health options such as – kale chips instead of potato chips, lot of coconut water, and even picked up great habits like Juicing. However, she returned to more after she gave birth to her son — and needed a little more on her thighs.

Lastly, she stressed that, “It’s not going to happen overnight. Slow and steady is the secret behind her weight loss”.

Wendy Williams’ Tummy Tuck

Wendy was sick of fighting chunkiness, and to get rid of it – she had liposuction. She described in her book, why she had her first two liposuctions to remove excess fat in her thighs and stomach. She paid around $15,000 for the liposuction and breast implants at that time.

Wendy Williams' Tummy Tuck

It has been rumored that she got a tattoo on her lower stomach to cover the scar formed during liposuction. The good thing is that the tattoo looks blended with the spot as if it were meant to be there.

Wendy Williams’ Childhood

Wendy Williams is one of three children born to Thomas and Shirley Williams. At the age of 5, she moved with her family from Asbury Park to muddle class community of New Jersey, where she spent her childhood.

Wendy was not an academic wonder, but became more involved in extra-curricular activities. She played the clarinet in a marching band and competed on her high school swimming team.

Wendy followed in the footsteps of Wanda and relocated to Boston, where she attended Northern eastern university. She graduated in 1986 with a degree in communication and minor in journalism.

Wendy Williams’ Body Measurements

Wendy has a busty body, and so people will be curious about her body measurements. She still looks so sexy with large breasts and an amazing body. So, what could be her exact measurements?

Wendy Williams Body

Weight -79 kilograms
Height – 180 centimeters
Breast size – 41 inches
Bra size – 34FF
Waist – 30 inches
Hips – 40 inches

Wendy Williams Family
Wendy Williams with her husband Kevin Hunter and their son Kevin Hunter Jr.

As far as her personal life, she married Kevin Hunter in 2007 and has one child together. She enjoys reading books, loves shopping and going out to nightclubs.

So, what do you think about her body measurements? Should we give complete credit to Wendy Williams’ plastic surgery? Leave your comments below!

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