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Xiaxue’s Plastic Surgery – The Complete Details with Before After Photos

Xiaxue plastic surgery before and after
Back in 2016, Xiaxue made headlines after four plastic surgery procedures. Born Wendy Cheng but popularly known as the Singaporean blogger Xiaxue, she said she feels “victorious” about her newly transformed look.

She said, “I think it is good that I have improved over the years instead of deteriorating. I feel very happy about how I look. Why would you ask somebody why she would do plastic surgery? It’s like asking someone why she would want to go for higher education. To better herself. What other reason is there? If you can look better, why wouldn’t you want to look better?”

Xiaxue Before and After Plastic Surgery

Her name is very popular especially in the plastic surgery industry. We know there are other Singaporeans who many could talk about, Xiaxue is in so many celebrity magazines and online forums. They just couldn’t stop talking about her plastic surgery.

She may be a blogger and maybe it comes with the job, but she has so many plastic surgery done to herself that it’s very hard to recognize Xiaxue before and after pictures.

Did Xiaxue Overdo Cosmetic Surgery?

Xiaxue’s job is to post things on her blog, like her personal life, fashion stuff and local issues. Her main blog is very popular and it’s reportedly gets twenty to thirty thousand readers daily. When you attract that much people to your blog, it’s really important to look your best.

When you compare Xiaxue before and after pictures, you will see that there are a lot of improvement done to her face, especially her nose, eyes and lips. All of her features have changed, apparently, and she’s pretty open about her procedures.

Xiaxue’s Nose Job

One thing many Asians get done when they want to enhance their looks is by getting a nose job. not all Asians are born with perfect noses. Back then, her nose looks wider and large. Right now, Xiaxue’s nose is very thin and has a high nose bridge. While the procedure is done perfectly and subtly, you won’t be able to see visible signs of the procedure.

Because of her nose surgery, it really gave a lot of benefit to enhance Xiaxue’s appearance. Good thing is that she did not go overboard with her nose. It continues to look natural and not at all, overdone.

Xiaxue’s Eyelid Surgery

Popularly known as Blepharoplasty, it’s the most common surgery that many Asian women are pressured to do. They feel uncomfortable with small and sleepy eyes that they try to reshape their eyes using this eyelid surgery. Instead of Asian eyes, they get American-looking eyes.

Xiaxue Eyelid Surgery

Xiaxue blepharoplasty surgery is not that noticeable since her eyes before were already pretty. Now, they are just more wide awake and open. She does not look like the typical Asian anymore, but instead, she looks like she’s a mix of American and Asian.

Xiaxue’s Lip Fillers

Aside from the usual procedures a lot of Asian undergo, they also get lip fillers. This procedure is done to make the lips look fuller and plumped, instead of thin lips that are not very trendy.

Xiaxue's Lip Fillers

Xiaxue could have just overlined her lips but she chose to get lip fillers. It’s not noticeable that she had them done since a lot of women have big lips these days.

Xiaxue Teeth Straightening through Invisalign

It took 10 months for her teeth to straighten and align. It’s a faster way to straighten the teeth instead of getting metal braces which takes forever to be done.

Xiaxue's Teeth Before and After

The Fans Take on

Not all of her fans were happy that their idol went under the knife, despite her explaining in her blog that she felt insecure about her nose, eyes and lips.

“I’ve always felt the tip of my nose was a little flat so here it is after fillers. It’s like a nose job which is non invasive.”

We’re not sure if the blogger is going to get more plastic surgery in the future. She is said to have stopped since giving birth and if it weren’t for Xiaxue’s baby, she wouldn’t have stopped going under the knife.

She faced a lot of backlash when she revealed her new face enhancements since Singapore is a very conservative country. Not everyone in Singapore is open to the fact that cosmetic surgery is very common these days, especially in Asian countries. Despite that, Xiaxue remains open about her experiences.

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