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Yoo In Na’s Amazing Plastic Surgery Transformation – Before & After

Yoo In Na Plastic Surgery Before and After
Yoo In Na is quite infamous for all the plastic surgery rumors. But she’s more infamous for the drastic change her alleged plastic surgery procedures made for her look. But since we want to find out the truth, here we are with Yoo In Na plastic surgery article to shed light on the truth.

Yoo In Na is a South Korean actress and DJ. She made her breakthrough as the lead actress in Queen In-hyun’s Man back in 2012 after only having supporting roles in High Kick! Through the Roof and Secret Garden. Her roles expanded to other notable shows such as My Love From the Star, Let’s Crank Up The Volume, and Guardian: The Lonely and Great God.

Yoo In Na Body

Yoo In Na Hot

Aside from finding success as an actress, Yoo In Na is also a popular DJ for several radio shows as well as being an MC for variety shows. Due to her talent, she is one of the most popular and successful actresses in South Korea at the age of 34 years old.

Yoo In Na hot body

Yoo In Na is also one of the most attractive women on South Korean TV. However, her younger pictures show evidence that she didn’t always look that way from the get-go. So, how far did she go with plastic surgery in order to achieve her current look?

Yoo In Na’s Double Eyelid Surgery

One look at Yoo In Na’s before and after pictures and you’ll know that she had single eyelids before. Single eyelids are not very ideal in South Korea, as wide eyes with double eyelids are the most ideal look. Thus, it’s no surprise that this South Korean actress got the surgery in order to improve her image.

Yoo In Na Pre Debut Photos

Before, Yoo In Na had single eyelids with slanted shaped eyes. But at some point, she got the double eyelid surgery which succeeded in making her eyes look bigger and more doll-like. Moreover, it also made her eyes cease being slanted and boring.

Yoo In Na Nose Job

Another notable change in Yoo In Na’s overall look is her nose. It’s no surprise that she also got a nose job into the mix since nose jobs are very popular in the country. If you compare her before and after pictures, you’ll see right away what the nose job did for her.

Yoo In Na Nose Job Before and After Photos

Before the alleged nose job, Yoo In Na had a less defined nose. Not too big, but it was kind of flat and this was not considered attractive. But thanks to a nose job, her nose became more defined along the nose bridge and nose tip.

Yoo In Na Boob Job

Aside from the double eyelid surgery and nose job, Yoo In Na is also suspected to have had a boob job. If you’re going to compare her pictures from before and after, her breasts apparently increased at least one cup size from her former breasts.

Yoo In Na Boob Job Before and After

The boob job succeeded in making her breasts look bigger, and thus making her figure more womanly. But it also made her breasts look disproportionate to her body in a way, since they are too big for her body especially if you know what they looked like before.

Yoo In Na Sexy Photo

Yoo In Na plastic surgery story can be considered as one of the most successful cases, if you’re measuring success based on how much her look had changed. Yes, she is not naturally beautiful. Nevertheless, she used her now good looks as an advantage in acting.

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